Skills / Experience

Skills / Experience


A series of architectural and cultural lectures will be delivered by local experts and professionals in the fields of architecture, landscape, agriculture and gastronomy.


Terrain LAB approaches territorial processes at a variety of scales through a critical analysis of site specific conditions. A Cutting-edge technologies will be used to document and speculate on this manufactured territory at multiple scales. Participants will be introduced to:
Projective and interactive cartographic tools: GIS ArcMap, ArcGlobe, ArcScene, CAESAR- fluvial simulation, Drone Photogrammetry.
Computational skills in parametric modelling: Rhinoceros + Grasshopper.
Drawing & editing: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.


AAVS TerrainLab will explore the power of cartography to unveil and depict hidden potentials of territories. The VS will teach students the skills to develop projective and interactive cartographies. Students will be guided through relevant readings on the topic and the software to develop them.


Drone flying cutting edge technology would be used as a base to record the riparian territories of Navarre. The AAVS will also use Drone data collection, to generate Lidar and aerial images, together with high quality digital elevation models.
Topographical survey - Drone Madrid
Topographical survey – Drone Madrid


Numerical model simulations are a key tool to predict and understand the behavior of fluvial ecosystems. We would take advantage of this software to manipulate the river dynamics in order to speculate with alternative scenarios of territorial production.
Cesar Lis-flood simulation of water behavior
Cesar Lis-flood simulation of water behavior


Students will visit local farmers and engage with local policy makers. Participants’ final presentation and exhibition will be held and presented to the public at the COAVN, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos Vasco Navarro at the end of the course. Participants will be able to experience first-hand traditional cultivation and cooking techniques at the Casa Gurbindo located within the Aranzadi Park. A project completed in 2013 by AldayJover which formalizes the interaction between fluvial dynamics, the progressive human occupation with agriculture and public space.
We will visit Navarre peculiars towns for food production of protected designation of origin to learn their cycles and roles in shaping the landscape as well as influencing the local architecture. Selected food-tasting will complement this experience providing the opportunity to meet with local producers, professionals and stakeholders.


Being within just an hour’ drive from Pamplona, excursions will include a visit to San Sebastian, famous for its gastronomy and high concentration of Michelin stars chefs and one of the world’s finest dining experiences city and testimony of the Basque culinary capital. The workshop will conclude with the most famous Spanish Running of the Bulls, the opening of the nine-day festival of Sanfermines.