Elena Longhin, VS Director

Elena is an architect, urbanist and researcher. She has worked throughout Europe and South America with several practices such as Secchi-Viganò and OMA. She has taught the Intermediate 15 Unit at the Architectural Association in 2015/16 as well as the AA Visiting School in Pyongyang, DPRK. She is a Phd candidate and a registered architect in Italy. Her recent works, including participations to the 15th and 14th Venice Biennale, have been published in both printed and digital media and most recently exhibited in Chile, Japan and Hong Kong. She has lectured in UK, Spain and Italy. Elena received her MArch in Architecture and Urbanism from the IUAV and graduated in Landscape Urbanism from the AA.


Silvia Ribot, VS Director

is a Spanish architect and landscape urbanist. She has been a tutor at the AA Visiting School in Mexico City and previously has taught within the Landscape Urbanism Programme. She has lectured in UK and Spain and works between large-scale research projects and practice, collaborating with several established offices in the field of landscape architecture among which GroundLab in the last year. Her work has been published and exhibited in Europe and South America. She studied architecture in Madrid and Sao Paulo and gained her MA in Landscape Urbanism at the Architectural Association.


Francis McCloskey Lopez

Francis McCloskey is an architectural designer with a specialisation in computational design for integrated project delivery. Francis recently acquired his M.Arch with Distinction in Emergent Technologies and Design from the AA. He currently works at NBBJ’s London office as a computational design and facades lead. His prior professional experience consists of work experiences in Europe and Asia with participation in a number of small projects and competitions internationally, and has lectured at the AA and RCA.


Ignacio Espinosa

Ignacio is a media producer and drone pilot. He is the co-founder and co-director of the startup Dronemadrid, inside which he develops drone flights for data collection, video recording and aerial images.


Miguel Alvarez

Miguel is a media expert in the fields of photography, video editing and documentary and he is currently working for AD magazine.